collect call

Collect Call [a Metric's song remix]

Collect Call [a Metric’s song remix]

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Collect Call
[ A Metric’s song remixed by Andrea Riderelli ]

working on this remix was this time more complex than usual. hope that worths!…

the orchestration is for 2 b-clarinets, 2 bass clarinets, some flutes, viole, violoncelli and contrabbassi, percussions (timpani, bass drum/grancassa, triangle, half cymbal, celesta, some “noises” of mine) all in a wide and (almost) specular stereo field.

once again, thanks a lot to all the “the freesound project” ( ) people!

this time i used/elaborated these following “noises”:

» 94175__CGEffex__Picking_up_and_putting_down_a_telephone.flac
» 24735__acclivity__DialingTone.wav
» 26834_acclivity_RingerRemixUK.mp3
» 32155_gadzooks_ring_ring.wav
» 29938__Halleck__record_scratch_short.wav
» 3537_luffy_various_sounds_of_a_record_player.wav

thank you to for listening and commenting this new tune!

cheers from rome,


  1. These are some comments received on Indaba platform:

    “If I don’t win I hope you do. “
    Joey Tellez
    “2011-02-09 17:15:49”

    “Standing ovation!”
    j bizO
    “2010-12-23 15:21:23”

    “Its really amazing to listen to your work. I feel like I’m so involved because of the atmosphere you create.”
    j bizO
    “2010-12-23 15:20:48”

    “Wow just wow ;o) Awesome!”
    John Morton
    “2010-12-22 12:13:46”

    this is a touch of genius”

    “2010-12-20 17:44:20”

    hands down!

    “2010-12-20 17:43:33”

    “beautiful sound design blending phone sounds with the orchestra”
    “2010-12-20 17:41:13”

    “the SOUND is wonderful”
    “2010-12-20 17:40:08”

    “2010-12-20 17:39:15”

    “Maestro you directed me to play better than I have ever played in my life. I had no difficulty reading every beautiful note you placed in front of me. Kidding. Maestro you did it again. Very very intensely beautiful. One of the best musical works ever on a remix up here. The chords in the arrangement tug every heart string in me. Thanks for the invitation to experience a very great moment.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-12-18 17:52:25”

    “The underlying music on its own is a song of great beauty.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-12-18 17:48:58”

    “Say it again. Melodic heaven. Phenomenal arrangement.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-12-18 17:47:13”

    “Melodic heaven”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-12-18 17:46:13”

    “Yes Maestro. Direct me as I play my imaginary instrument.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-12-18 17:45:22”

    “love the pizzicato “
    Anuradha Jayathilaka
    “2010-12-16 11:49:57”

    “wow andrea!! u amaze me all the time”
    Anuradha Jayathilaka
    “2010-12-16 11:38:15”

    “Very unusual and original interpretation of the track, and what a perfect sound in that! We can only learn … Congratulations!”
    Alessandro Gatta
    “2010-12-16 08:44:14”

    “Absolutely beautiful Andrea!!! Wow – great moog, fx just right at the right spots – pizz string sound brilliant – great all round – best of luck.”
    Barry Phillips
    “2010-12-16 02:14:59”

    “Nice Timpani! Love it!”
    Holy Buckets
    “2010-12-15 16:05:40”

    “Answered your call. Got the message. Very clearly! I’m done voting (who cares about that), so you’ll have to do with my sincere compliment: beautiful.

    Power to your string section,
    DD Blender

    ps: funny: our – ‘extra’- endings!”
    DD Blender
    “2010-12-15 14:20:46”

    “You did some great work here Andrea. I have to go back and listen to the original track but I really like it. Great vibe…Professional as always! Voted!”
    Jeff Maxwell
    “2010-12-13 21:03:18”

    “F****ng Amazing Dude!!!!”
    Robert Marchand
    “2010-12-12 23:27:56”

    “This could easily be the winner. Totally unique and Riderellian”
    Ben Evolence
    “2010-12-12 19:21:22”

    “great great job!”
    Meytar D.
    “2010-12-12 00:19:07”

    “love the chorus!”
    Meytar D.
    “2010-12-12 00:18:49”

    “Andrea, as usual your work is amazing… GREAT JOB! Bravo!”
    Daniele Silvestri
    “2010-12-10 04:48:46”

    “Amazing what can be done without a backbeat when Mr Riderelli gives it a go..Great Great as always..”
    Hal G.
    “2010-12-09 20:02:06”

    “I love how her voice works with your arrangement !”
    Hal G.
    “2010-12-09 19:59:12”

    “Perfect mood”
    Hal G.
    “2010-12-09 19:57:04”

    “Amazing this really is good. Professional performance and very creative. Voted.”
    Inge Skaland
    “2010-12-09 18:38:43”

    “Exciting. Tensions beneath the surface. I liked the vocal processing. Good luck!”
    Pegasus .
    “2010-12-09 17:01:35”

    “Better than the original. Love the dramatic feel.”
    Cherie ♥ Ooo♫~♪oh! ☺
    “2010-12-09 16:05:52”

    “as always, great work.”
    Gary H.
    “2010-12-09 15:41:16”

    “indaba is blessed to have your skills and style as part of the community…what you bring to the table is unique…this is very cool”
    rick sankey
    “2010-12-09 15:04:03”

    “Nice repeats!”
    “2010-12-09 10:24:24”

    “I like the switch from here. Nice strings! Also clarinets!”
    “2010-12-09 10:22:35”

    “you got my vote. very dramatic.”
    “2010-12-09 10:09:46”

    “Ah, in the true spirit of The Beatles….a trick ending!!!”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-12-09 09:30:53”

    “Great sense of drama all the way through…excellent….leaves the original way,way behind!”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-12-09 09:29:22”

    “Love the wobbly background!”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-12-09 09:27:09”

    “Great ‘telephone voice'”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-12-09 09:25:49”

    “Great intro and i love the rest your interpretation too. Good luck with this contest.”
    Have Mercy
    “2010-12-09 09:25:44”

    “Love that beginning….very me!”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-12-09 09:24:52”

    “@didi: yes! probably you’re right!”
    Andrea Riderelli
    “2010-12-09 07:10:44”

    “maybe this strings are too loud ?”
    didi tokaoui
    “2010-12-09 06:35:28”

    “a magistral “pièce”, natural work, no artifice, respect of the song, bravo and voted ! “
    didi tokaoui
    “2010-12-09 06:35:07”

    “remember me the beatles !”
    didi tokaoui
    “2010-12-09 06:33:23”

    “good respect of the natural vocal sound, I appreciate”
    didi tokaoui
    “2010-12-09 06:32:42”

    John Morton
    “2010-12-06 15:08:54”

    “VOTED !”
    “2010-12-05 10:03:57”

    “CRAZY NICE !”
    “2010-12-05 10:02:33”

    “I’ve heard a lot of Italian flavor in your remix, nice and sweet, nice one =)”
    Deleted User
    “2010-12-04 13:35:34”

    “Ciao Andrea! Il tuo remix viaggia su pellicola!!! Molto orchestrale….ti toccherà beccarti il mio voto !!!! ;)”
    “2010-12-04 07:51:48”

    “Really cool! Congratulations…

    Sundance Musicband
    “2010-12-03 17:06:16”

    “Andrea questa versione è SPET-TA-CO-LA-RE
    Hai il mio voto.
    This RMX is G_R_E_A_T. Got my vote.”

    “2010-12-03 08:44:41”

    “Very personal interpretation, with great ambience!”
    “2010-12-03 07:10:58”

    “Arrangemet here add value to the voice”
    “2010-12-03 05:07:35”

    “This part is very cinematic :-)”
    “2010-12-03 05:07:06”

    “Love the violins here!”
    “2010-12-03 05:06:52”

    “Great crescendo!”
    “2010-12-03 05:06:36”

    “Intro catches the listener’s attention. Very well done!”
    “2010-12-03 05:05:52”

    “Great chorus here with pizzicato strings :-)”
    “2010-12-03 05:05:04”

    “Vocals enter at the right point, very good!”
    “2010-12-03 05:04:27”

    “….Standing Ovation….”
    Deleted User
    “2010-12-02 17:49:13”

    “Simply amazing Andrea!”
    Deleted User
    “2010-12-02 17:48:21”

    “You’ve got me on the edge of my seat…again!”
    Deleted User
    “2010-12-02 17:45:23”

    “Intresting music. GOod sounds. “
    Joey Tellez
    “2010-11-29 10:01:31”

    “Great this reprise :-)”
    Alex Cassetta
    “2010-11-29 07:48:30”

    “Fantastic, Andrea :-)”
    Alex Cassetta
    “2010-11-29 07:47:25”