well beyond reason

Well Beyond Reason

Well Beyond Reason

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many, many thanks to marco boccabella for helping me with lyrics!!!

have a good listening experience!




A message from Philip Selway:

“It was great hearing ‘Beyond Reason’ taken in so many different directions. There was so much good work to choose from. The three winners really made the song their own and they stand up as pieces of music in their own right.”Philip Selway

philip selway

philip selway

  1. These are some comments received on Indaba platform:

    “I agree about the discord (super subtle micro tonal difference) between the guitar and strings. BUT, at the same time, it almost fits with the theme. I always like how you incorporate the ambient sounds, as well as your orchestral arrangements… Maestro!”
    Curt Town, Stereo Sauna
    “2010-12-01 14:27:16”

    “Bellissima Maestro! Congrats on runner up …AGAIN!”
    Ben Evolence
    “2010-11-16 17:32:47”

    “This should have won!”
    “2010-11-15 12:43:54”

    “The winner for me is this remix !!!”
    willy c kote
    “2010-11-12 21:54:33”

    “Very moving. Congratulations for another work of stunning beauty.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-11-12 08:53:56”

    “cool, i like it!”
    lucky ticket
    “2010-11-11 17:13:42”

    “If I can only complain about one thing, it’s that the strings and guitar are not perfectly in tune. I had the same problem. It’s only cents, but it seems to stand out. But, really, that’s the only complaint!”
    Kael B.
    “2010-11-01 09:23:30”

    “Chord change!!! Beautiful and serene. It’s less chilling than haunting and mournful.”
    Kael B.
    “2010-11-01 09:22:01”

    “good job, your string arrangement worked really well”
    Deleted User
    “2010-10-26 18:29:34”

    “Beautiful work, Andrea!

    “2010-10-25 06:48:33”

    “Love the string arrangement”
    “2010-10-25 05:50:59”

    “This is haunting . ;)”
    Render The Galaxy
    “2010-10-25 03:05:30”

    “great mix is full of little details that go perfect with the moment. “
    Bill Wolfucker
    “2010-10-24 19:52:51”

    “awesome intro “
    Bill Wolfucker
    “2010-10-24 19:51:19”

    “really beautiful. Nice work on this! “
    Uncle Sharky
    “2010-10-24 14:48:50”

    “i use reaper as a daw for my personal project (nuendo at studio).

    orchestral samples in this remix are from kontakt 4 library.

    btw, thank you for your comment!”
    Andrea Riderelli
    “2010-10-24 12:43:25”

    “Wow! you are good at mixing orchestra! How beautiful!! What software did you use?”
    “2010-10-24 11:46:06”

    “2010-10-23 14:56:44”

    “Riderelli style…so good, great work!”
    – ChokoDiscoManiac –
    “2010-10-22 08:23:42”

    “It’s very difficult to add much to such a lovely song, but you have celebrated the beauty in your mix”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-10-21 19:13:03”

    “Very cinematic….film noir!”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-10-21 19:10:27”

    “I feel like I’m listening to a movie soundtrack. Really well done Andrea. Voted. Great atmosphere to the backing tracks. “
    Jeff Maxwell
    “2010-10-21 16:16:54”

    “Nice, with the strings and flute. Great stuff”
    Fell Kenny
    “2010-10-21 15:23:04”

    “Like the tape/ lo fi sounding stuff”
    Fell Kenny
    “2010-10-21 15:21:57”

    “Awesome mix. Deserves the top 10.

    Just Gauche
    “2010-10-21 13:48:15”

    “Wow, this has a lot of rich texturing. Loving the strings, the lo-fi, everything about it!”
    Just Gauche
    “2010-10-21 13:46:58”

    “This is just gorgeous!!!”
    Rene Armenta
    “2010-10-21 07:26:29”

    “Nice instrumentation,guitar could be just a tad higher in the mix (still on the back as it is but with just a bit more presence).Strings,fluty and whatnot are blending very good with the vocals,mainly,and the guitar.Percussion arrangement is clever,sparse and giving some tension when needed.Nothing’s overdone,i enjoyed the whole thing,great job ;)”
    “2010-10-21 06:41:51”

    “good orchestral work, especialy the start “
    didi tokaoui
    “2010-10-21 00:28:32”

    “I love orchestral music! Good job”
    Dead END
    “2010-10-20 23:57:33”

    “Such a moody vibe..Completely Ridarelli.Absolutely amazing !!”
    Hal G.
    “2010-10-20 17:31:25”

    “Beautiful Andrea !!”
    Hal G.
    “2010-10-20 17:29:26”

    “Love the low fi 8 bit sounds”
    Hal G.
    “2010-10-20 17:29:01”

    “like the strings. very sensitive.”
    Anuradha Jayathilaka
    “2010-10-20 13:51:58”

    “Yeah this great well done!!!”
    steve l
    “2010-10-20 12:31:13”

    “Splendida versione! Il tuo stile è sempre perfettamente riconoscibile…

    Daniele Silvestri
    “2010-10-19 05:01:13”

    “great version, voted.”
    “2010-10-17 06:50:58”

    “Love this…great work”
    Deleted User
    “2010-10-15 14:14:36”

    “from start till the end there is a magical serenity in your song, as if phil tells us a dark fairy tale, excellent!”
    Pierre Hahahahaha
    “2010-10-15 06:40:39”

    “so serene here! “
    Pierre Hahahahaha
    “2010-10-15 06:36:15”

    “listen to it with headphones too!”
    Andrea Riderelli
    “2010-10-15 06:32:30”

    “good luck..”
    Elijah_ K
    “2010-10-15 05:25:52”

    “this is a quiet cinematic tango.. :p good job..”
    Elijah_ K
    “2010-10-15 05:25:36”

    “nice strings! Love a moody orchestral start”
    Thomas Tighe
    “2010-10-15 01:58:58”

    “nice arrangement!”
    Jeremy Greysmark
    “2010-10-14 14:52:18”