sliding doors

sliding doors

sliding doors

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some of the used “noises” taken from a great site: thefreesoundproject [ ]

» Underground approaching a station and opening its sliding doors from lorenzosu
» Elevator door open close from Tomlija
» London tube Hammersmith & City Line from E330
» Coffee Bar in Italian Town Main Street Caffé Del Corso Soundscape Fano from elaski

  1. These are some comments received on Indaba platform:

    “Incredible transition!!!!! I love it!! The new textures are beautiful and so interesting!!”
    Stephen H.
    “2011-01-27 15:49:14”

    “Putting the piano part in the guitars now is a now refreshing change. Great change up!”
    Stephen H.
    “2011-01-27 15:48:32”

    “I love those clusters and syncopated rhythms playing off each other!”
    Stephen H.
    “2011-01-27 15:46:43”

    “This is one of the best in this competition and closest to my mind and soul. Cheers Maestro…”
    Groove Guru’s Klan
    “2010-11-22 21:49:14”

    “I like these dissonances. RIng modulator? A lot of things are happening to my head when listening to this…”
    David Redmalm
    “2010-11-22 16:28:47”

    “Good job. Enjoyed listening!”
    Groove Meister
    “2010-11-16 19:19:38”

    “Most interesting. It’s very visual music, which I like a lot.”
    Pegasus .
    “2010-11-16 18:37:23”

    “Amazing remix! Very much enjoyed your take on this!”
    Christopher Breidinger
    “2010-11-16 09:09:01”

    “Very cool! Beautiful use of the piano and harmonic content in the beginning. Feeling the “underground” vibe. Great execution and timing of sonic content. Great job Andrea! Voted!”
    “2010-11-14 15:57:26”

    “Maestro – this has that feel I cannot describe. The one my headphones adored in the PG. You will have to break down to me how you do that. The sensation is amazing. Really puts me in the middle of the scene. Boundaries broken here.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-11-12 08:59:37”

    “Very enjoyable remix!”
    “2010-11-12 07:04:02”

    “great ideas!”
    “2010-11-11 05:23:27”

    “Ridirelli taking us on a journey”
    Hal G.
    “2010-11-10 20:28:02”

    “How could I have missed this? Please message me when your mixes go up !!”
    Hal G.
    “2010-11-10 20:26:41”

    “Feels like you are telling a story. wonderful work.”
    Uncle Sharky
    “2010-11-10 19:35:51”

    “oh andrea, this piece open up my heart i love your cinematic fx work on your remix.. very very good…”
    Low Riot
    “2010-11-10 16:28:33”

    “Very atmospheric journey!!!
    GREAT work :)”

    Joris Holtackers
    “2010-11-10 15:14:15”

    “one of the best i heard so far.”
    “2010-11-10 13:27:06”

    “I love this!!”
    david minnick
    “2010-11-10 13:10:01”

    “yes, the layered harmonies are great!!!”
    david minnick
    “2010-11-10 13:09:01”

    Absolutely original, catchy and cinematic. Loved!”

    “2010-11-10 12:29:20”

    “hmmmm… beautiful, and VERY cinematic”
    “2010-11-10 12:27:04”

    “hmmmm… beautiful, and VERY cinematic”
    “2010-11-10 12:27:04”

    “nice finish and good work!”
    Andy Miller
    “2010-11-10 12:25:18”

    “love that unexpected chord change.”
    Andy Miller
    “2010-11-10 12:21:59”

    “The work of a master.”
    Have Mercy
    “2010-11-10 11:51:07”

    “very very nice section here. “
    Have Mercy
    “2010-11-10 11:50:25”

    “interesting dissonances here, great texture!”
    Leah Kardos
    “2010-11-10 07:03:55”

    “Another great job 🙂

    Alex Cassetta
    “2010-11-10 03:35:59”

    “nice remix, nice textures!”
    Paul Sunfield
    “2010-11-09 17:35:04”