the remembering game

the remembering game

the remembering game

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i decided for using only vocal lines and basic harmonies, using a classic string quartet (2 vlns, 1 vla, 1 vcl) and a woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet). all of this in an typical “idefix” way!

the idea derived from an “aching nostalgia” feeling i had often listening to the original tune.

this is a very personal, intimate and inner way to feel what and how our past times can awake from our “secret world”. btw, you can consider this one as a “psychological game without frontiers”.

[ for curious souls only: headphones (sometimes) very recommended… ]

enjoy my tune!


andrea [ aka “idefix” aka “dersklerosenkavalier” ] riderelli.


[from an old and lost blog post…] – rome, 22.00 05/06/2010

hi music lovers!

i would like to share with you some thoughts about (my) music, so i will start with the cover of “games without frontiers”

first of all, its name is “the remembering game”

this is my second cover of a pg song ( the first one beeing “should i be one of you?…” / not one of us ).

i decided for using only vocal lines and basic harmonies, using a classic string quartet (2 vlns, 1 vla, 1 vcl) and a woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet and bass clarinet). all of this in an typical “idefix” way!

this time, for a very different remix from the other one “should i be one of you?…”, the idea derived from an “aching nostalgia” feeling i had often listening to the original tune.

this is a very personal, intimate and inner way to feel what our past times can awake from our “secret world”. btw, you can consider this one as a “psychological game without frontiers”. from this feeling, i choose to downbeat the tempo from 96 to 80 bmp and to dress all that in a chamber music mood.

this is, here and there, also a “hommage” to early 1970’s music lovers (maybe you can recognize some direct or not-so-direct quotes; good luck!)

many thanks to toni armetta helping me to resolve and inspiring some timbral ideas and issues!

enjoy my tune, but don’t forget to listen to the “not one of us” cover from me too! ( no more available on the net, sorry… )


andrea [ aka “idefix” aka “dersklerosenkavalier” ] riderelli.

other technical information:

» written, elaborated, mixed and mastered as always for my personal projects on reaper 3 [ ]

» strings and woodwinds quartetts composed from samples courtesy of varaždin orchestral [ ]

» piano steingraeber from akoustic piano sample courtesy of native instruments [ ]

» some excellent plugins from voxengo [ ] and nomad factory [ ]

» some “noises” from a great site: thefreesoundproject [ ]

» tuning am radio from cgeffex
» some radiowaves from tvovofcwnk
» pendulum and ninechimes from daveincamas
» old window from robinhood76
» steps from carrigsound
» coffee break from sdfalk
» spoon in a mug from burkay

» other “noises” (ie: kids & dogs, thunders and others) from samples courtesy of samplefusion [ ]

» the two radio classical musics at the very beginning were conducted in the past by me (!)

» claudio monteverdi: combattimento di tancredi e clorinda [ 04/10/2008 ensemble aliusmodum ]

» johannes brahms: ein deutsches requiem [ 03/04/1994 craiova philharmonic orchestra ]

[ for curious souls only: headphones (sometimes) very recommended… ]

  1. These are some comments received on Indaba platform:

    “well done ! So deep ! ;)”
    “2011-08-15 09:31:54”

    “Evocative and so fresh! This should have won. The winning tune is good but unrecognizable IMHO.”
    Tim McDonnell
    “2011-02-06 16:55:22”

    One Drop
    “2011-01-19 20:01:22”

    “beautiful-full !”
    didi tokaoui
    “2010-12-20 13:47:50”

    “You should have won, there is SO much talent in this. I dont think I saw a single bad comment about this entry. I would pay for this track.”
    Ben G.
    “2010-11-01 08:54:51”

    “Wow! That’s just… wow! Man, you’re the one who should be flying to London! Beautiful rendition.”
    The ?uestion Mark
    “2010-09-02 18:24:13”

    “Very fresh, love the cello”
    “2010-08-26 01:31:46”

    “This inspires…so much more than just music…”
    MiiM ..
    “2010-08-19 01:53:58”

    “Beautifully made.”
    Daz G.
    “2010-08-17 18:14:04”

    Deleted User
    “2010-08-17 14:53:31”

    “congrats, gr8 work!”
    Boro Logan
    “2010-08-16 16:46:50”

    “Congrats on your well-deserved recognition in this contest! You really made a fabulous work of art here.”
    “2010-08-15 21:50:05”

    “Congrats, Andrea, nice work!”
    Cherie ♥ Ooo♫~♪oh! ☺
    “2010-08-15 21:27:07”

    “Fucking outstanding.”
    Streets Of Neon
    “2010-08-15 19:51:19”

    “2010-07-22 23:14:43”

    “Bellissimo Andrea. Veramente.”
    “2010-07-20 18:06:37”

    “excellent mon ami!!! des arrangements d’une intelligence inouie!!”
    Robert Marchand
    “2010-07-18 02:10:48”

    “beautiful!!!! un grand bravo for your vision of this song”
    Gérald Max LORICOURT
    “2010-07-17 17:01:09”

    “the aptly named remembering game, very melancholy and nostalgiac. a good version!”
    William Gannon
    “2010-07-15 02:11:31”

    “Andrea, a work of art ! I voted of course, and listened to this in my BOSE headphones. Excellent harmonizations, great feel. If I were Peter Gabriel I’d be contacting you !!”
    Michel Abramovici
    “2010-07-14 12:03:22”

    “Aaaaah! I see straight away why you like mine….we speak the same language!”
    Richard Walker
    “2010-07-14 06:27:29”

    “Pizzicato for that part. Why didn’t I think of that… wait, I did :-)”
    Marius Amado-Alves
    “2010-07-13 18:49:34”

    “…and I did listen on some nice headphones. :-“
    Raoul Van Horn
    “2010-07-13 12:39:53”

    “Just a masterful arrangement. Voted here.”
    Raoul Van Horn
    “2010-07-13 12:37:49”

    “This is really beautiful — full of emotion.”
    Raoul Van Horn
    “2010-07-13 12:34:47”

    “Sweet re-mix, girl! Swweeet!
    I almost used oboe too. Now I wished I kept it. Love the jewelry box chime
    Great job!”

    Curt Town, Stereo Sauna
    “2010-07-13 12:07:17”

    “@ jason j.: yes, lizard! bravo!!!”
    Andrea Riderelli
    “2010-07-13 05:02:44”

    “Absolutely outstanding work, well done Andrea. just voted ;-)”
    Bob Martin
    “2010-07-13 04:56:23”

    Jason J.
    “2010-07-13 02:33:30”

    “absolutely beautiful”
    Jason J.
    “2010-07-13 02:30:23”

    “early crimson!”
    Jason J.
    “2010-07-13 02:30:08”

    “this is incredible!”
    Jason J.
    “2010-07-13 02:28:17”

    MacLes Music Factory
    “2010-07-11 05:01:31”

    “Haunting. Beautifully done.”
    Daniel F.
    “2010-07-10 11:48:39”

    “Love this big time!! “
    Zadique L.
    “2010-07-10 10:15:58”

    “I agree with Tyler. it’s a big composition, but the way it’s sang doesn’t match. but i hope PG likes it and makes and arrangement, cos that music is amazing! voted, of course!”
    “2010-07-09 13:41:36”

    “very serious work here….got my vote….with total respect”
    rick sankey
    “2010-07-08 21:59:47”

    “oh, the pathos!!”
    rick sankey
    “2010-07-08 21:55:24”

    “great chord changes!!! really cool coloring.”
    Daniel Gil
    “2010-07-08 21:12:03”

    “Andrea, there is no discussion about your musical skills ths remebering feeling is on point.
    I see PG getting old drinking, drinking red wine and you made the score. Beautiful.

    I simply miss the political statement.

    All the Best

    * Djordji
    “2010-07-08 18:35:49”

    “The most pleasant song to bless my headphones. Outstanding. There might just be a ticket in this for you. One that leads to greatness methinks.”
    Robyn PHIRI
    “2010-07-08 17:34:36”

    “So many moods and emotions are covered in this mix, great work!”
    Steve E.
    “2010-07-08 15:24:20”

    “beautiful man, just beautiful…voted”
    Rubber Spanner
    “2010-07-08 07:49:47”

    “best one iv’e heard so far! You kept me interested all the way! “
    Emil H.
    “2010-07-07 19:33:44”

    “i love that sounding of this mix.. very unique… very cinematic… and in the middle after the “it´s a knock out” the same deppness like in our remix…
    Low Riot
    “2010-07-07 01:38:17”

    “well done! i think your arrangement, instrumentation, and harmonic sensibility all are superb! and you did this so quickly! excellent and good luck to you! with a big vote….”
    Kyle Kelley
    “2010-07-06 23:56:42”

    “did that house just catch on fire?”
    Kyle Kelley
    “2010-07-06 23:51:47”

    “Italy rules!”
    vincenzo ricca
    “2010-07-06 11:27:31”

    “Can someone tell me how to spell masterpiece ?”
    Hal G.
    “2010-07-06 00:51:53”

    “If I would’ve known sooner about this mix…Wow! I got my skullcandy heaphones on, and this soundtrack sounds so much like I’m in the damn room! Wonderful! Let me vote on this one!”
    Mike Stone (R&B/Funk)
    “2010-07-05 20:42:40”

    “This is just great man! beautiful creative effort and good mix too!”
    Steeve B.
    “2010-07-05 19:02:53”

    “Love the woodwinds..beautifully emotional. I play clarinet and oboe so appreciate their use in the remix.”
    Cherie ♥ Ooo♫~♪oh! ☺
    “2010-07-05 14:07:38”

    “Commented before the contest started. Great work. Came back to vote.
    Check out mine, leave a comment, and vote if you like it. Thanks”

    “2010-07-04 13:30:30”

    “2010-07-04 06:54:10”

    “2010-07-04 06:54:05”

    “2010-07-04 06:53:59”

    “like your ambience”
    “2010-07-04 06:53:05”

    “Voted, of course!!! ;)”
    Alberto Molina
    “2010-07-04 06:14:49”

    “I love it!!!”
    Christian Phelps
    “2010-07-04 02:28:38”

    zachary s.
    “2010-07-03 21:00:36”

    “One of my favorites! So very expressive!!”
    Stephen H.
    “2010-07-03 00:58:36”

    “LOOOOOVE the opening. Very Pink Floyd. Obviously voted! Thanks for this one…..”
    Jeff Maxwell
    “2010-07-02 23:38:56”

    “This is very cool…this is what I’m talking about. You have a real point of view, musical knowledge and you hit the emotions!! This is really poignant, intriguing and well done!”
    Michael S.
    “2010-07-02 22:10:38”

    Ale G
    “2010-07-02 09:49:27”

    “I was hoping someone would conjure up an arrangement like this! Beautiful…”
    Solid State
    “2010-07-01 20:48:31”

    “HEY HEY , good to see you here! your remix is great man, best of luck. from “world citizen” @ RWR”
    Steeve B.
    “2010-07-01 19:11:52”

    Alberto Molina
    “2010-07-01 10:56:59”

    “Absolutely among the top versions”
    Hal G.
    “2010-06-29 01:28:36”

    “How sad and beautiful-great “
    Hal G.
    “2010-06-29 01:26:52”

    “love it.
    Thumbs up.
    We are Samurai.”

    Achtung Samurai
    “2010-06-25 13:49:09”

    “… no words…”
    Achtung Samurai
    “2010-06-25 13:48:07”

    Achtung Samurai
    “2010-06-25 13:47:04”

    “I am seriously speechless…”
    Deleted User
    “2010-06-24 09:23:07”

    “Beautiful. No words….”
    Deleted User
    “2010-06-24 09:21:00”

    “Wow! Sound so Pro:) Great instrumentation!”
    Marek “Marcoos” Kruszynski
    “2010-06-24 04:33:42”

    “I love it. It’s so what Peter’s into right now.”
    — Justin Livi —
    “2010-06-23 19:19:46”

    “It has a slightly nostalgic atmosphere. Very good.”
    Pegasus .
    “2010-06-21 18:31:21”

    “beautiful sounds! ^_^”
    e style
    “2010-06-21 17:31:13”

    Hoochy Papa
    “2010-06-20 06:04:09”

    “It’s a shame because this is a great arrangement, but the way peter gabriel’s voice sounds, it doesn’t quite match up with this style of music.”
    Tyler M.
    “2010-06-19 11:36:30”

    “Beautiful instrumentation! Great work!!!”
    david minnick
    “2010-06-19 07:56:37”

    “Fantastico! I’ve dug every version I’ve heard on here. The Diversity of Creativity really Shines! Perhaps Peter will put out a Benefit GAMES CD, with All the versions on it, you know to Stop All the Manufactured Wars, or something more positive, help the children maimed by land mines, or something. I think that would be VERY COOL, Indeed! Great composition!

    Sterling “StuMan” McVay
    “2010-06-18 22:47:21”

    “I really really like this mood… Congratulation my RWR friend :)”
    Oscar Lef
    “2010-06-18 13:58:53”

    “Love this.
    Eat the lupos !!!”

    Fabio Ranghiero
    “2010-06-16 17:19:49”

    “Exellent work!”
    Jonas Einarsson
    “2010-06-15 13:59:26”

    charlie cutarelli
    “2010-06-13 13:05:47”

    “2010-06-13 10:10:11”

    “Wonderful work, intense and surprising, full of different influences!”
    “2010-06-12 18:31:17”

    “Interesting remix. Wish I had your arranging skillz, and some excellent classical musicians, like you have on here. 🙂 Nice. “
    “2010-06-11 11:08:36”

    “very beautiful. loose and inspiring”
    Michael Clarke
    “2010-06-10 15:26:39”

    “unexpected and interesting :)”
    Stephen May
    “2010-06-09 02:08:58”

    “AWESOME!! Loved it.”
    Jiuman Rascuach
    “2010-06-09 01:58:34”

    “Very nice overall theatrical approach”
    Greg H.
    “2010-06-09 01:15:41”

    “Amazing! You did with yours what I struggled to do with mine, and somewhat shied away from. Congrats! “
    Brett Siegel
    “2010-06-08 15:15:54”

    “Gorgeous counterpoint here. Great work!”
    David R.
    “2010-06-08 11:49:47”

    “This is amazing u get my vote!!!”
    steve l
    “2010-06-08 11:42:55”

    “[ for curious souls only: headphones very very recommended… ]”
    Andrea Riderelli
    “2010-06-08 05:36:48”