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September 20, 2012
“To REALLY understand Andrea’s compositions you need to take time, more than once, to get the right message. Every time you listen to the same songs over and over again, you hear new things. That’s called music with a meaning, a message you have to understand.

So in other words, Andrea thinks about his compositions in a deep way, that will never bore the listener.

Andrea is one of the most interesting member here on Indaba.
He also is a very sympathic person, so the ideal combination.
Le Vab

Le Vab Music
Le Vab on Indaba.Me
Le Vab on Indaba Music

July 28, 2012
“Andrea stands out in my mind because he’s the friendliest person I’ve yet to encounter on here. Also, of course, his music is stunning.”
Tyler M.

Tyler M. on Indaba.Me
Tyler M. on Indaba Music

October 01, 2010
“I will never forget the moment I first heard Andrea in the Peter Gabriel contest. Never before have I felt this sensation in my ears. The aching nostalgia held me captive from beginning to end. It was just the beginning of a journey of discovery for me. Supremely gifted in my humble opinion.”

Robyn Phiri on Indaba Music

January 13, 2011
“Just discovered your profile and work! Like it very much! Your atmospheres are amazing with the beautiful orchestration you put into your mixes…”
Simone Ewouds

Simone Ewouds on Indaba Music